Who is Nick Johnson

Where It All Begins

Everyone has a foundation of beliefs on which their personality is built. Even if they claim not to believe, that is their belief. For me it is my faith in the Biblical Christian God and a literal six day creation. There is quite a story behind how I came to this faith, not as dramatic as some, but still intriguing. I conduct my business and personal life based on the two greatest Biblical principals: Love for God and love for humanity.

I have a beautiful wife (Sabra) and two wonderful boys. We enjoy taking walks, bird watching, and just being around each other. It is one the greatest feelings in the world to come home each evening to a family that is looking forward to my arrival.

About Both Blogs

I maintain two separate blogs. The personal blog is where I can communicate my personal interests such as faith, family, and science. The business blog will focus on web development and the entrepreneur side of my life.

The reason for separating the two blogs is to respect the different audiences. My business audience may not really care about my thoughts on what you can do with sorghum or why I believe the world was created in six days. Vice versa, some of my personal audience could care less about how to create a jQuery interface with the Google maps api.

Business Blog

Audience. Web developers who want to learn how to build better web applications. Entrepreneurs who are looking for business development principles.

Mission. To give advice on web application engineering, and share my life experience as an entrepreneur.

Personal Blog

Audience. There will be cross-over from the business blog, but this audience will consist mostly of my family, friends, and church.

Mission. To share personal views about faith, family, science, social topics, and life in general.

Elevator speeches

Entrepreneur Focus

At the age of 8 I made my first $100 selling Night Crawlers (fishing worms). Business and commerce development is a way of life for me. I am the brainchild of Sabramedia Virtual Office, a web-based system that helps ecommerce businesses grow. Developing and promoting this system is my main entrepreneurial focus.

Skill Focus

I make websites work (function). Visualize a website like a vehicle. I am the one who makes the ignition and gas pedal communicate with the engine. I make website interaction possible: like drop down menus, forms, and third party integrations with the likes of Google, Twitter, BizRate, etc.

My Day Job, and Sometimes Night (sorry honey)

I work over at Sabramedia as the Application Engineering Director. As founder I share a few other hats like business development, promotion, and administration, oh my.

I work with an awesome team there! Jonathan and Joshua Wold are my two business partners. Jonathan is the Marketing Director with emphasis on social media. Joshua is the resident Web Design Director. CJ Doss is our design specialist with a design instinct second to none.

I try hard to maintain decent work hours, I really do love my family. But occasionally I work into the late evening hours, much to the chagrin of my wife.

I've heard it said “you'll never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do.” That's me.

Sabramedia – A Brief Timeline

I started Sabramedia back in 2006 in order to work on specific software project for a large corporation. At that time I had been operating Harmony Design, a web design company, for about five years. In 2007 I met Jonathan Wold (WordPressGeeks.com) at a Christian business conference. By May of 2008 we partnered under the auspice of Sabramedia, LLC which bought out our previous companies. We brought in two other partners for the deal. In the same year we were funded to work on Virtual Office, the ecommerce management system. We had an eight member team working at Sabramedia that summer.