So I Turn 30 Today

I have now lived on this earth three decades. I don't feel any different today then I did yesterday. Some say the thirties are the prime of life. I know this is when Jesus started His ministry on earth. That is a nice thought. As I turn a new chapter in my life I look back over the last ten years.

I started out my third decade marrying my best friend. Sabra and I brought two handsome boys into this world. We also lost a few children to miscarriage, which was a very trying time for us, especially my wife. After various tests and a few medical bills later we discovered the problem. We are grateful to God for both our boys.

I spent the better part of my twenties figuring out the web development business and honing my skills. I met Jonathan Wold, at the 2007 ASI International Convention. That meeting would change my life along with those close to me. Jonathan and his brother Joshua became my business partners and formed Sabramedia. Joshua ended up marrying my sister. Beyond business we have become close friends.

Toward the end of the decade I conducted my first evangelism campagin. Seeing people give their hearts to God and turn their life around for the better is the most exciting thing to me. During my third decade I witnessed people come to the Lord and those who I am still praying for.

I experienced some of the most challenging and rewarding times during the last ten years. I gained my wife and children, lost my grandfather, gained a brother-in-law, met my closest friends, lost lots of money, became wiser, got to scream "We're debt free" on the Dave Ramsey show, seen people baptized, engineered a software platform, built a solid business, and grew closer to my Creator. I can't complain, God is good.

To all my friends and family, thank you for being a part of making my twenties a great decade. I look forward to another ten years with you in my life.

So I turn 30 today. My hope is, if we are on this earth another ten years, that I can look back on my thirties and know that I was faithful in witnessing God's love to others, that I grew closer to my family, and that diligence in business changed the world for the better. If this is truly the prime of life, then let's roll!!


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