Insanity for 2012

Sabra and I have officially started the Insanity workout program. It is amazing how quickly one can get out of shape. However, I was even in a little shape, and the Fit Test tonight wore me out! Sabra did great! She has natural ability. I can't wait to see what training will bring out of her. I will have to work to stay ahead.

Sabra and I have noticed we both don't have the best posture and have been getting a little extra weight we don't want, so this is our commitment to each other. While we are holding each other accountable we will also be posting our progress on this blog post so that you can hold us accountable too. It's a lot harder to quit something when others are watching.

Follow our 2nd month of Insanity Max here.

Photos Progress

We are posting them primarily to show progress and inspire others.

View Sabra's photo progress here.
View Nick's photo progress here

Week 1

Day 1 - 1/1/2012 - Fit Test

Here are the results for our first fit test (number of reps per minute and personal commentary):


  • Switch Kick - 126 (felt I didn't quite do full kicks, need more strength)
  • Power Jacks - 30
  • Power Knees - 87
  • Power Jumps - 32
  • Round the Globe - 6
  • Suicide Jumps - 10
  • Pushup Jacks - 3 (I was getting the mat for the first part)
  • Low Plank Oblique - 41

Measurements (inches/lbs)

  • Bust - 34
  • Chest - 30 1/2
  • L Bicep - 10 3/4
  • R Bicep - 10 3/4
  • Waist - 34
  • Hips - 41
  • L Thigh - 23 3/4
  • R Thigh - 23 1/2
  • L Calf - 15
  • R Calf 15
  • 137.4 lbs
  • 36% BMI (done on a home scale, online calculator says 22.86)


  • Switch Kick - 93 (I was doing full kicks, Ahem, Sabra :)
  • Power Jacks - 46
  • Power Knees - 82
  • Power Jumps - 40
  • Round the Globe - 7
  • Suicide Jumps - 14
  • Pushup Jacks - 24
  • Low Plank Oblique - 58

Measurements (inches/lbs)

  • Chest - 38
  • L Bicep - 12
  • R Bicep - 12 1/4
  • Waist - 35 1/4
  • Hips - 40 3/4
  • L Thigh - 23 1/2
  • R Thigh - 23 3/4
  • L Calf - 15 1/4
  • R Calf 15 5/8
  • 180.0 lbs
  • 14.8% BMI (done on a home scale)


Day 2 - 1/2/2012 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Sabra: "Ouch... hahaha. It feels good, but I am sore. Intensely insane!

Nick: "Yeah... what she said. I have been a runner most of my life, even did plyometrics when I was training to qualify for the 400 Olympic trials. But this is uncovering muscles in places I didn't know I had."

We are in it for the long haul. No pain, no gain.

Day 3 - 1/3/2012 - Cardio Resistance

Sabra: "I did better tonight than last night. We are working a hole set of different muscles. My feet hurt. Its good. I am feeling good."

Nick: "I like the upper body reps. That is what I need. My hamstrings are sore, and I am starting to feel my upper gluteous maximus. I am liking the cardio, especially working out inside in the dead of winter."

Day 4 - 1/4/2012 - Cardio Recovery

Sabra: "Definitely a break from huffin' and puffin'. But still crazy and intense working the muscles. Still working different sets of muscles from the previous workouts."

Nick: "I figured recovery wouldn't be easy with Insanity. You even work you muscles out in the stretching. It's like isometrics. Anyway, great stuff. It is really rounding us out physcially. I am amazed how many muscles you don't workout in standard worksouts such as running, situps, and pushups. Shawn T really helps you discover those hidden muscles."

Sabra: "Yeah even hidden muscles in your feet!"

Day 5 - 1/5/2012 - Pure Cardio

Sabra: "It keeps going!!! Shaun T was like the Energizer Bunny. During the warm up I could tell I was doing better, breathing better, moving better and faster than the previous days, but about about the third round of the warm up I was starting to wear down. Now, after the warm up, good grief! I can tell I can do the moves but I get out of breath before way before my muscles are done with it, so I keep taking breaks. I don't like taking breaks, stopping short on the reps, cause I want the workout. I look forward to next week or the next time we do Pure Cardio again, to see how my improvement on it will be."

Nick: "Yeah, I can tell my endurance is kicking in. I laughed a couple times as the workout just wouldn't stop. Each workout really pushes me to the edge. Sabra, noted that people on the video were stepping off early on the reps, and they are well seasoned, probably have done this workout a time or two. Anyways, good stuff. I am definitely feeling stronger.

We both had a sudden desire to eat after finishing the workout. Hmmm, need to eat a little extra for breakfast."

Day 6 & 7 - 1/7/2012 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

I bet you thought we copped out on day 6... well, nope! We took our day off. Since Friday night is the Sabbath, we took our day off and did it Saturday night after sundown.

Sabra: "Well this night we had an audience, my sister-in-law, Monica, and her husband, Joshua, are wanting to get Insanity. So they sat through about half it and watched us. I even think Joshua snuck a picture in with his iPhone. I think we need an audience more often, cause Nick and I pushed ourselves a little more. But by pushing myself more I got tired faster and it made the last quarter of the workout harder. Noah was doing it with us, he really enjoys it."

Nick: "Well, I am not sure they want to get it Sabra. They are thinking about it. They got a good taste of it last night. That's for sure. Hmm, I push myself all the time babe. What are you talking about? ;) An audience does help :)"

Week 2

One week is in the books. We are looking forward to another week, then the fit test.

Day 8 - 1/8/2012 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Sabra: "I was tired for this workout, we usually workout after the kiddos are in bed, but today is Sunday so we did it during Creedon's naptime. Doing it in the evening is hard and is getting us to bed later then we would like. Noah did some of it again today. We are learning to keep our core (abs) tight through the whole thing. It's really easy to cheat and use other muscles to do moves than to keep those abs in. I really like the burn in my abs though when I keep them tight. Bye-bye baby gut!!"

Nick: "Yeah, keeping the core tight has been my focus for the past couple workouts. Like Sabra, I noticed I would rely heavily on supporting muscels rather then making use of my core. That has been a major factor in my poor posture."

Day 9 & 10 - 1/9 & 1/10/2012 - Pure Cardio

Last night we went to the Big Splash Indoor Water Park and had a workout there with the friends and family. We planned on doing Insanity when we got back. By the time we got the kids into bed and could actually do the workout it was 10 o'clock. So we decided to do our makeup on another day this week. I think we are going to double up tomorrow.

Sabra:"Yes, it's nice to have family working at an indoor waterpark, they had employee appreciation day yesterday and the employees got to bring their families for free! Tonight, Pure Cardio, was good. I did better I think, or I just knew what was coming. I'm feeling good. Starting to feel my tummy muscle more as I am learning to keep them all the way."

Nick: "Pure Cardio! That is exactly what it is. Although, this time I was surprised when Shaun T announced the stretch out. It went a lot faster than expected. I guess we are getting familiar. Really concentrating on tighting my core. Feeling good!! Wooo!"

Day 11 & 12 - 1/11/2012 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit & Cardio Recovery

Tonight was catchup night after missing a night earlier in the week. We did two of the workouts. Fortunately one of them was the recovery workout which wasn't too intense.

Sabra: "Tonight was good! I am able to do more in the workouts before getting tired and burned out. I actually really enjoyed it, even though we did two workouts tonight. My body cools down quite quickly so doing the recovery afterward gave my body time to cool down slower. I was really feeling it in the quads tonight too."

Nick: "Part way through the first workout my right foot's arch started acting up a little. I had to be a little cautious on it. I will watch it carefully. My feet are used to linear motion (running). It has been years since I played serious basketball. These workouts round out the muscles, and my foot was talkin' tonight. I am so glad we are doing this Sabra. Love you."

Sabra:"Where's the 'Like' button? Love you too!"

Day 13 - 1/12/2012 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Sabra: "We are sweating like pigs, with our window open about a foot to help us not get too hot, and it's 17 degrees outside. I notice last night and tonight that I am sweating more. It's like my pores were blocked before and now they are more open. I am also drinking more water through the workout than when we first started. I started out drinking 3/4 of a quart and now am drinking a whole quart plus. I did good this time, I'm improving with speed, reps, and also time, as in taking less breaks. My hamstrings are feeling it from last night. "

Nick: "My foot felt great tonight. That is good. I like this workout better because we get into a little more upper body. I am starting to notice other benefits throughtout the day. I feel like I have more control just in normal daily movement."

Day 13 - 1/13/2012 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Sabra: "Little by little Pure Cardio is getting easier. I loved Cardio Abs!! Let's get the that baby gut gone! We usually do Insanity after the kiddos go to bed, I think we did it once during Creedons naptime in the late morning, but this time we did Insanity from 4-5:30pm, we both really like that time slot. Had to have my mother-in-law come watch the kiddos while we worked out though. I really felt good afterward."

Nick: "I was able to stay with Shaun T 75% of the way through pure cardio. I didn't do well in the cardio abs. If you know how heavy my legs are, you would understand.... Anyways, poor excuse. But Sabra rocked in the cardio abs. I aim to achieve her cardio ab endurance. Thanks for being my motivator hon'."

Day 14 - 1/14/2012 - Rest day

Instead of Friday being our day off like last week, we did Saturday instead. We had plans of going to a birthday party after Sabbath, but instead went to Evansville 'cause Nick's grandma was in the hospital. After that we went to see his grandpa at the nursing home. Then on our way back we popped in to wish our friend a Happy Birthday. After a long day we finally made it home at 10:30pm.

Week 3

Day 15 - 1/15/2012 - Fit Test

Sabra: "Oddly enough the Fit Test was just as hard as it was the first time! But I did do better for the most part. The first time my form on most of these was poor. This time my form was much better, and it helps that I know what I'm doing too. We took start pictures and second week pictures, they will be posted soon, yikes! We had fun noticing the small differences in our bodies. Both of us noticed that our love handles are decreasing, awesomeness! My rear is toning up, yay! And the baby gut is slightly smaller, woohoo!! We have 6 more weeks to go!! Can't wait!!"

  • Switch Kicks - 80
  • Power Jacks - 43
  • Power Knees - 90
  • Power Jumps - 28
  • Round the Globe - 8
  • Suicide Jumps - 12
  • Pushup Jacks - 13
  • Low Plank Oblique - 50

Nick: "Felt so much better tonight after a couple weeks of conditioning under my belt. Ok, so we have taken progress pictures (will display soon), and I have noticed significant improvement in the love handle are for both of us. I'm likin' it!"

  • Switch Kick - 123
  • Power Jacks - 48
  • Power Knees - 93
  • Power Jumps - 50
  • Round the Globe - 9
  • Suicide Jumps - 18
  • Pushup Jacks - 28
  • Low Plank Oblique - 62

Day 16 - 1/16/2012 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Sabra: "Tonight was tough for some reason, this time our muscles were telling us they needed a break before our lungs were. I still tried to push through though. We measured ourselves and were delighted, especially for me, to see the differences. They are small but still they are results!"

  • Chest - 30 1/4
  • L Bicep - 11
  • R Bicep - 11
  • Waist - 33 1/2
  • Hips - 40 3/4
  • L Thigh - 22 7/8
  • R Thigh - 23 1/4
  • L Calf - 15
  • R Calf 15
  • 137.6 lbs
  • 30.6% BMI (done on a home scale)

Nick: "My muscles were wearing out before my lungs. I could have kept going, but my muscles wouldn't let me. I think they were a little lactic. Other than that, it was great. I like the noticeable improvements.

  • Chest - 38 1/2
  • L Bicep - 12
  • R Bicep - 12 1/4
  • Waist - 35
  • Hips - 40 3/4
  • L Thigh - 24
  • R Thigh - 24
  • L Calf - 15 1/2
  • R Calf 15 1/2
  • 181.4 lbs
  • 14.2% BMI (done on a home scale)

Day 17 - 1/17/2012 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Sabra: "I'm getting to where I can keep up with in the warm up. Yep, that's right, the warm up! I'm taking less breaks, feeling great, keeping form. I really like Cardio Abs, can't wait to get the crazy DVD on Insane Abs working so that I can do that. I feel like I could do it again, but I think if I did that, I wouldn't be able to move the next day."

Nick: "Because my muscles were wore out yesterday, I focused on getting more protein in today. I felt much better. Sabra and I are both stretching with flat hands on the floor 'comfortably'. The warm ups are a breeze now. My next objective is to stay in pace through the actual workout now. Cardio abs are amazing!"

Day 18 - 1/18/2012 - Cardio Recovery

Sabra: "Very nice break from cardio. Calm and peaceful, yet tough! My legs are pumped, or tight, either way, I'm feeling it."

Nick: "I like this workout! LOL! The recovery workout comes right when it's needed. Holding the squats and lunges, then pulsing, is intense. It is amazing to watch the Insanity team (most of them) hold so still. Well conditioned. We'll be there soon."

Day 19 - 1/19/2012 - Rest

Sabra: "Well, we made this our rest day cause we would have started it at 11pm. I'm so glad we did too, cause I was tired. Getting to bed after 11-11:30 has been wearing on me."

Nick: "Glad we went bed too."

Day 20 - 1/20/2012 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Sabra: "Good workout, we are figuring out that we have to do the Globe Jumps seperately and not at the same time. We don't have the space to do them at the same time, we tried to before but we were compromising our form and not getting the full effect. So Nick goes first, then we rewind, then I do the Globe Jumps. An electric company was out around our house today, they parked not to far from the window that we open while doing the workout, and they decided to take a lunch break and leave the motor running the whole time. Nothing like breathing in exhauste fumes and cigarette smoke while trying to do a workout, so we closed that window and opened a different one."

Nick: "I much prefer doing the workout in the morning or afternoon versus the evening." 

Day 21 - 1/21/2012 - Cardio Plyometric Circuit

Sabra: "I pushed myself through the warmup with very few breaks this time, but that made me take a few more breaks in the middle of the workout, lol! When I started to feel that I needed a break, I would think to myself, 'got to get results' and I would tighten my abs more and try to make it through that minute. Each move/set is a minute long."

Nick: "Almost made it through all level 1 drills tonight. The push-ups are exactly what I need. As you will see in the pictures we will be posting, my upper body could use a little extra muscle. This program is building the muscle and balancing me out. I am liking the results. We will probably do P90X after finishing this program. I hear that workout program leans more towards strength than cardio."

Week 4

Day 22 - 1/22/2012 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Sabra: "I was sweatin' yo! Lol! I'm feeling good! This workout is getting easier, I was able to go through the warmup without breaks. The main part of the workout was still tough though. Then after Pure Cardio, we did Cardio Abs, love it! I am wanting to try out Insane Abs, but Nick says he's not ready to do that yet. And finally, pictures are up!!!! Watch out though, they might break some computer screens, LOL!"

Nick: "Yo? LOL! Me too ya' know?! I was tired tonight. I pushed through but I noticed a little twinge in my middle left back. So I was careful getting started, but it warmed up. Yeah, I want to finish the Cardio Abs without stopping, that is after doing Pure Cardio of course. Maybe two more times. Yeah, take the pictures with a grain of salt. We are posting them primarily to show the progress and to help inspire others. We may have to get a little more modest if we get too sexy though. *wink* *wink*"

Day 23 - 1/23/2012 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Sabra: "Just wiped a drop of sweat from Nick off of his computer, before sitting down to blog. I am getting a workout, I think this one is the least done, so I'm not as used to it. My ankles are getting a workout too. Insanity works your whole body all the way down to your toes. Some of the jumps are not easy to do, but I'm now able to do Power Jumps without compromising form! I don't get a lot of them in but I can do them, and that's exciting to see my improvement on that!"

Nick: "One thing I really like about this program is they change it up enough that it doesn't get boring. I am getting familiar with each workout, but the workouts are varied and spread enough that it keeps it interesting. I like V Pushups. I've never done those before.... Maybe some in highschool track, but not enough to remember.

Sabra, I am proud of you. You are doing great, and you lookin' good! Thanks for motivating me in the round-the-globes. I was about to stop and I heard your encouragement and I had to finish. I love you babe."

Day 24 - 1/24/2012 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Sabra: "Oh boy am I tired! That's the first time in a workout that yawned through the first half of it. Did not get good sleep last night. We opened the curtains last night and did the workout in front of the window, and have been using the reflection as our mirror. It's a nice change from just staring at curtains. Kinda' helps motivate us and keeps our form in check. So looking forward to Cardio Recovery tomorrow."

Nick: "I felt much better tonight than last night. My endurance is much better. My muscles are doing well. I can tell it is about time for a week of recovery workouts (next week).

I tracked my protein intake today. Who says vegetarians don't get enough protein? I had a total of 100 grams of protein today: 41 grams of protein for breakfast, 47 grams for lunch, and 12 grams for supper. That is without supplements. I noticed when I focus on eating more protein based foods that I feel better in the workouts."

Day 25 - 1/25/2012 - Cardio Recovery

Sabra: "Man, I could use about ten more minutes of stretching on each workout. And not Yoga stretching! The muscles in my legs are constantly pumped, I don't ever remember having my muscles feel this way, not even when I was in Gymnastics. Recovery was nice tonight, but the squats and lunges, on top of my already tired muscles was killing. Can't wait to take the Fit Test pictures in a week to see the different results."

Nick: "Nice recovery tonight *Sigh*. Although, man those deep muscle workouts burn. I thought holding the squats was good enough, but nooo Shaun T says 'stay there and do small pulses'. LOL! Wow! Feeling good. I got some more creatine and protein tonight for muscle structure building. Getting geared up for the 'max' month coming up after next weeks recovery."

Day 26 - 1/26/2012 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Sabra: "At first I didn't like Pure Cardio at all, but now I do like it. It's hard though, we can tell that our bodies are needing a break. Looking forward to Recovery Week. I don't know why but after Cardio Abs, I could work them out some more. Still wanting to try out Insane Abs."

Nick: "Tonight was a definite indicator it is time for a recovery week! I was beat tonight. I am looking forward to the max month, only after I get a little recovery in though. Then I can build on the laid foundation."

Day 27 - 1/27/2012 - Rest

Sabra: "At the start of Friday we were thinking of doing the workout and having Sat. be our rest day, but too many things made it not possible."

Nick: "Decided to make Friday our rest day again. Wow! A lot of unexpected things happened Friday. We made it through, but not without some undue stress."

Day 28 - 1/28/2012 - Rest

Sabra: "Creedon had a rough day, poor thing. I got a very nice & much needed nap in when he napped. It was not an easy day, with a cranking baby and Nick getting home late. We didn't have much motivation to do a workout, so we watched a movie instead, and decided that we will do tonights and tomorrows workouts tomorrow."

Nick: "Creedon had the fever, so Sabra stayed home with him while Noah and I went to church. I didn't get home until about 7:30 PM because of important visiting needed to be done after church. After a very stressful weekend Sabra and I bowed out of our last workout for tonight and decided to catch up tomorrow."

Week 5

Day 29 - 1/29/2012 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit/Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: "Well, the first workout, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, I did okay. Still wore out, because I knew we had another one after it, I didn't push myself like usual. After Nick went to take a shower, I stayed and did some of Core Cardio & Balance, I tried each move they did for a portion of the time. Recovery? Ha!! Recovery week is going to be hard! "

Nick: "Whatever Creedon had I believe I have now in a small way. I have a little congestion and my muscles are achy. But it wasn't going to stop me. I did the workout albeit not as well as previously. When we got to the recovery DVD, which was intended for tonight to kick off the recovery week, I was to wiped to do it properly. I was just going through the motions without benefit. So I went and took a shower. I think Sabra did a lot of it. Hopefully tomorrow I will be over this sickness."

Day 30 - 1/30/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: "Well, it's tough, but I like it! It definitely works the core, bye-bye baby fat! My obliques are going to be sore tomorrow, I was squeezing that fat good-bye! It has just enough cardio to keep you winded in the middle of it. The hip flexor and shoulder workouts are the hardest. Still sweating, just not as much."

Nick: "Them sick germs didn't know what hit them! I felt much better tonight. As expected Insanity recovery goes from intense to just below hard. In other words, the recovery workout is still a good workout. Sabra and I both noticed the denser areas of fat on our bodies is now softer and loose. The muscles are chiseling their way through."

Day 31 - 1/31/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: "My triceps are sore from yesterday but not my obliques? I must have to do a crazy ab workout for my abs to be sore or something. I don't even know what made my triceps sore. I stubbed my right big toe this morning on a board book & ripped the book, which made doing the hip flexor stretches and moving planks a little difficult. Thankfully I could still do all the jumps and what not. Ugh, those hip flexor workouts are rough! I can make it through the first move, most of the way through the second, but the third, sheesh, I only get about 8 reps in the third move."

Nick: "I am feeling my obliques tonight. Man that last balance workout! Wow! Oh, and I am sick free. When you are working out and pumping oxygen in your body, sickness just can't find anywhere to hide. Muuuhaahahaha!!"

Day 32 - 2/1/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance (woops!)

Sabra: "Oh my goodness, what a day! Dr. Appts. and shopping and spending 2 hours at Pizza Hut=free meal! I felt like I burned the same amount of calories running errands, just without working the muscles like Insanity does. So we just plain skipped it. I really enjoy this workout and was kinda bummed that we were going to miss out. But starting a workout at 11:30pm is not good for the health."

Nick: "I was working late and Sabra didn't make it back until 10, so we bowed out. I don't feel too bad since it is recovery week, but we will pick it back up tomorrow."

Day 33 - 2/2/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: "So tired today, I felt like if I sat down, I would fall asleep. I did feel the tiredness in my workout, but not physically tired. I did good, I did better with the hip flexor and shoulder workouts. The first month of Insanity, I wore shirts over my sports bras, but this week that shirt is off so that I can see my abs while I workout. I am motivated in getting my baby fat gone!!! This workout is such a break that I feel like I could workout more afterward."

Nick: "What a day! We got to bed at like midnight last night, then Creedon wakes up around 3:30 AM. He is up up. So we pull him in bed and he wollers on us until about 4:45 AM. I go to put him back in his bed which ends up waking up Noah because Creedon is crying loud. Long story short I started my day with the boys at 5:00 AM this morning.

I actually felt pretty good doing the workout tonight. It could be related to the fact last night we did nothing. Anyways, feeling great and looking forward to max month beginning next week."

Day 34 & 35 - 2/3/2012 & 2/5/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: "We made Friday our rest day and totally skipped Saturday due to the craziness of the day and Noah being sick. Noah is still pretty sick, so instead of taking pictures, measuring ourselves, doing the fit test and a max workout, we decided to do another recovery workout to save time. It's good, it's still working on me. Tomorrow, yikes, we will start the Max Insanity. Let's do this!!! Let's get those results, baby!!"

Nick: "Last recovery day. Tomorrow we begin max month and feel the burn. Also, we will be posting our fit test numbers too. We have seen and felt a lot of improvement this month, am looking forward to what a month of more intense Insanity does. I am so glad we are doing this babe. I love you."

Sabra: "I love you too!!"


Follow our 2nd Month of Insanity Max post here.

View Sabra's photo progress here.
View Nick's photo progress here



  • Branden

    January 5, 2012

    Hahahaha...just wait until you do the ab routine. Did you find out if you got the 12 disc set? You did if you got the insane ab workout. That is the workout I love to hate.

  • Nick Johnson

    January 6, 2012

    Yes we have that set, we actually have 13 discs. The extra three are:

    Insane Abs
    Max Interval Sports Training & Insane Abs
    Upper Body Weight Training

    We are likin' it a lot.

  • Branden

    January 6, 2012

    I don't count the upper body weight room.. I looked at it and I found it lacking..par none the insane abs is insane. I found I can go the entire workout if I pass on the warm up.

    I have the asylum one as well. I will try and burn it for you. If there is any other beachbody program you want, just let me know. As far as the people taking breaks in the video, don't feel bad, they are all grads of the if your outdoing them your doing great.

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