Insanity Max for 2012

This is month two of the Insanity workout program Sabra and I started in January. Click here to read about our progress through the first month and recovery week of Insanity.

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Week 6

Day 36 - 2/7/2012 - Fit Test & Max Cardio Circuit

Here are the results for our third fit test, number of reps per minute. (previous fit test numbers):


  • Switch Kick - 90 (80)
  • Power Jacks - 39 (43)
  • Power Knees - 96 (90)
  • Power Jumps - 36 (28)
  • Round the Globe - 10 (8)
  • Suicide Jumps - 14 (12)
  • Pushup Jacks - 14 (13)
  • Low Plank Oblique - 56 (50)

Measurements (inches/lbs)

  • Bust - 34 1/2 (34 1/4)
  • Chest - 30 1/2 (30 1/4)
  • L Bicep - 11 (11)
  • R Bicep - 11 (11)
  • Waist - 33 (33 1/2)
  • Hips - 40 1/2 (40 3/4)
  • L Thigh - 23 3/8 (22 7/8)
  • R Thigh - 24 (23 1/4)
  • L Calf - 15 (15)
  • R Calf 14 7/8 (15)
  • 139 lbs (137.6)
  • 30.4% BMI (30.6%)


  • Switch Kick - 127 (123)
  • Power Jacks - 52 (48)
  • Power Knees - 97 (93)
  • Power Jumps - 53 (50)
  • Round the Globe - 12 (9)
  • Suicide Jumps - 19 (18)
  • Pushup Jacks - 33 (28)
  • Low Plank Oblique - 64 (62)

Measurements (inches/lbs)

  • Chest - 38 1/4 (38 1/2)
  • L Bicep - 12 1/2 (12)
  • R Bicep - 12 3/4 (12 1/4)
  • Waist - 34 1/2 (35)
  • Hips - 41 1/2 (40 3/4)
  • L Thigh - 24 1/8 (24)
  • R Thigh - 24 1/4 (24)
  • L Calf - 15 3/8 (15 1/2)
  • R Calf 15 3/4 (15 1/2)
  • 184.4 lbs (181.4)
  • 14.9% BMI (14.2)

Sabra: "They added on about 20 more minutes. This is the truly Insane part, this is what makes it Insanity! The previous mouth and recovery week just prepared us this month. I have a head cold, so everytime I went to the floor with a plank or push-up workout my head hurt. I kinda held back a little, cause I'm sick. By the end, I am wore out!"

Nick: "Wow! We just went up to a 60 minute workout doing quite a few new moves. True muscle confusion going on now. I feel like I just started a new workout program."

Day 37 - 2/8/2012 - Max Interval Plyo

Sabra: "I wasn't sure if I was going to do a workout today, I was so tired with this cold. I took a nap at the time we were going to workout. Later in the day I did it though and I think I worked out my cold. I felt better afterward. There are some moves in this one that I cannot do yet or can only get in about four reps. They are hard and awkward, and it doesn't help that I don't do full pushups very well."

Nick: "Now that's what I am talking about. There are probably somewhere around 150 pushup reps in various forms through this workout. My upper body can catch up this month. Oh, and I am soar in almost every muscle group. I like it!!"

Day 38 - 2/9/2012 - Max Cardio Conditioning

Sabra: "Enough with all the hopping, squating, and jumping already! My quads are killing me! After the previous two works, my abs are sore!!! I like it!! Oh, and so are my glutes and hamstrings. Lol, and my triceps, shoulders, and back! I feels good to hurt, lol, and sweat! "

Nick: "This of course is all about endurance. It was easier than yesterday's workout."

Day 39 - Max Recovery

Due to a crazy schedule and sickness we had to skip a day. Since we had an extra rest day earlier we picked the recovery day to skip. Going straight through

Day 40 - 2/10/2012 - Max Interval Circuit

Sabra: "We are finding it hard to get a workout in on Fridays due to preparing for the Sabbath, so we did half a workout for timesake. We also are having a difficult time blogging over the weekend, there is so much that we do on the weekends."

Nick: "Something is better than nothing. And that is what we did. "

Day 41 - 2/11/2012 - Rest

Sabra: "We were going to try and squeeze a workout in after Sabbath, but it didn't workout, so we made it a rest day."

Nick: "Much needed rest day. Hopefully we can get back on track this next week."

Week 7

Day 42 - 2/12/2012 - Max Interval Plyo

Sabra: "This one is tough, we were also very tired after coming back from Noah's birthday party. I like that it doesn't focus on the legs as much, more on the arms. Being a girl, I need the arm workout more anyway. But man am I sore afterward!!"

Nick: "When they say Max, they mean it. Wow intense cardio mixed in with a bunch of push-ups in varied styles. I counted 132 pushups, Shaun T and crew probably were up around 170+. "

Day 43 - 2/13/2012 - Max Cardio Conditioning

Sabra: "Ugh, this one is for endurance, and boy is it hard. My quads are killing me by about halfway. So many squats and jumps!! I pushed through though."

Nick: "I felt pretty good tonight. Still not able to stay with the workout yet. We'll get there."

Day 44 - 2/14/2012 - Max Interval Circuit

Sabra: "Oh my goodness, I am so stinking tired. I started out good, doing more than last time but by the end I was so wore out. I felt that this workout just kept going and going and going and wouldn't end. It was a long hour, but a good hour. It's pushing me. Now, if we could just get to bed earlier, that would help a lot!"

Nick: "I am amazed at the progress from last week. It's still hard, but I am not paused on the ground trying to recover. I take a quick pause and get back at it. The body is an amazingly designed machine that gets better and stronger the more it is pushed.

You are doing great honey! Keep digging deeper. We'll get this bedtime sorted out. Just need to get back to doing it in the morning. If we can just keep those kiddos in bed until 7 AM...."

Day 45 - 2/16/2012 - Max Interval Plyo

Sabra: "Well, since we have been so tired, we decided to hit the bed on Wednesday instead of do a workout. We got up around 6am today and did it. I like the schedule change, getting to bed earlier is wonderful! But right as we were getting started, Creedon woke up, thankfully he just hummed for a little bit then went back to sleep. Noah was up too, came in and watched us workout. We hardly ever have to wake our kids up, it's a good thing for the most part, but frustrating sometimes. Man my arms are aching with this workout!"

Nick: "Yes, the boys have not problem getting up in the morning. If there is any truth to 'early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise', then my boys are going to be very successful men someday.

My triceps are definitely feeling it on this one. I did 168 push-ups this time versus 132 last time. Sometimes I can't really tell if there is truly progress during the workout, but having those numbers is exciting! The numbers don't lie."

Day 46 - 2/17/2012 - Max Recovery

Sabra: "Again the kiddos got up right as we were starting our workout. So this time both of them were sitting on our bed watching us do the workout. Thankfully this one isn't as long. Plus we have a lot to do today since it's Friday. We skipped Max Recovery last week, so this is our first time doing this. It's nice, still don't get the recovery part though, lol!"

Nick: "It is *still* a workout, but they way it is designed you don't feel completely wasted at the end. At the end of the main workouts you are completely exhausted."

Day 47 - 2/18/2012 - Off

Sabra: "It's Sabbath, we had a great day. After Sabbath I had some fun with my sister-in-law and a friend, reminiscing over my gymnastics days. We were doing hand and head stands. I have a feeling my abs are going to be sore tomorrow."

Nick: "Some of the others, including me, were playing games in the other room. It was fun to peak in on these adult ladies having a good time.... It was like they were little girls playing gynastics in the backyard. Very cool!"

Week 8

Day 48 - 2/19/2012 - Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs

Sabra: "We have such a crazy schedule over the weekend. Creedon got up around 5:20am, we pulled him in bed, but he never settled down very good. We were going to do a workout together at 6am, but since Nick had stuff to do later in the day, I took care of Creedon while he did the workout, then I did Max Cardio Conditioning at Creedons nap time and we both did Cardio Abs together after the kiddos were in bed tonight. Yes, my abs are a little bit sore from Saturday. Finally, we are going to do Insane Abs next time instead of Cardio Abs! I can't wait!"

Nick: "Max Cardio Conditioning is always a workout. I do notice it becoming easier. Also, I was able to keep up with the Cardio Abs much better. Almost did the whole thing without a break, and my breaks were just a brief release, then I went back to it. I am ready for the challenge of Insane Abs now."

Day 49 - 2/21/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: "We are so wore out, this was a nice break, kinda. When we do the workout in the morning, we like to get started with our day right after, so we aren't keeping up with our blogging. If there's not much detail, it's cause we forgot!"

Nick: "Ditto."

Day 50 - 2/22/2012 - Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit


  • Switch Kick - 100 (90)
  • Power Jacks - 55 (39)
  • Power Knees - 108 (96)
  • Power Jumps - 44 (36)
  • Round the Globe - 10 (10)
  • Suicide Jumps - 13 (14)
  • Pushup Jacks - 13 (14)
  • Low Plank Oblique - 60 (56)

Measurements (inches/lbs)

  • 141 (139)

Body fat - 28.8% (30.4%)


We did both the same day. Yeah we are wearing down a bit. But there were still improvements in our fit test. Our schedule has been so crazy so we weren't able to get our measurements in.

  • Switch Kick - 136 (127)
  • Power Jacks - 60 (52)
  • Power Knees - 106 (97)
  • Power Jumps - 67 (53)
  • Round the Globe - 11 (12)
  • Suicide Jumps - 20 (19)
  • Pushup Jacks - 32 (33)
  • Low Plank Oblique - 57 (64)

Measurements (inches/lbs)

  • 188.2 lbs (184.4)

Body fat - 14.1% (14.9%)

Day 51 - 2/23/2012 - Max Interval Plyo

Sabra: "THis one gives us a small break on legs, not as Jumping and lunges, I think."

Nick: "I didn't quite reach the 168 pushups like last time, but I got close with 159."

Day 53 - 2/26/2012 - Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs

Sabra: "Ayeyiyi! There are no breaks in this, cause it's endurance training, so hard! Then follow by Cardio Abs!"

Nick: "Gotta love the endurance. We did both workouts together. About an hour and a half. Oh yeah felt it in my stomach. Our Insane Abs DVD is messed up, so we can't do that until it gets replaced. A little bummed out about that."

Week 9

Day 54 - 2/27/2012 - Max Interval Circuit

Sabra: "Man, Max means Max!! It's tough, but it's neat how I can even do this type of thing. We've got 13 more days of this, including rest days, then what? You will find out soon!"

Nick: "Last couple days we have been doing the workouts in the morning, which is nice. I like it much better than doing them late in the evening. Noah came in this morning with his throat hurting. He ended up having a fever and sick all day. He picked up whatever Creedon had I guess. Poor guy."

Day 55 - 2/28/2012 - Max Interval Plyo

Sabra: "All around my shoulders are sore from the previous two days! Ouch!! I did alright with this one today, I would have done better if I didn't have indigestion, ugh. Everytime I went down to touch the floor or to do a push-up of some sort, it felt like my food was in my throat. Nick and I did the workout separately today instead of together cause of our schedule. I did mine around 5pm, Nick was outside with the boys playing. Nick came around the corner of the house and peeked through the open window, I jumped and squealed, he scared me! LOL!"

Nick: "If you haven't noticed, I really like this one because of all the push-ups and upper body work. I did 164 push-ups this time. Not a PR, but better than the 159 last time. I am so glad we decided to do this honey. We have a little over one more week left."

Day 56 - 2/29/2012 - Max Cardio Recovery

Sabra: "Wow, Max Recovery is a recovery in a small sense. Definitely more relaxed and hardly any cardio. Shaun T has us doing some crazy stretches that are very hard and awkward, and I struggle to do them."

Nick: "Back to working out in the morning and happy about it too. The recovery is easier, but it's still intense, and I have done it a few times now. The pictures aren't the best quality, but you can defintely tell the difference from the first day to the latest."

Day 57 - 3/1/2012 - Max Interval Circuit

Sabra: ""

Nick: ""

Day 58 - 3/2/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: ""

Nick: ""

Day 59 - 3/5/2012 - Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs

Sabra: ""

Nick: ""

Week 10

Day 60 - 3/7/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: ""

Nick: "Staying on top of it."

Day 61 - 3/11/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance

Sabra: ""

Nick: "Catching up."

Day 62 - 3/12/2012 -  Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs

Sabra: ""

Nick: "Pressing on."

Day 63 - 3/15/2012 - Max Interval Plyo (Nick Only)

Nick: "I broke my Personal Record (PR) today with 180 pushups!! That was tough though. I had to make sure I didn't slack on the front-end. We are figuring out what our next workout program is going to be. I have three more days left in this workout."

Day 64 - 3/19/2012 - Core Cardio & Balance (Nick Only)

Nick: "Just trying to finish and get motivated again."

Day 65 - 3/23/2012 - Max Cardio Conditioning (Nick Only)

Nick: "Endurance is the name of this workout. Wow!"

Day 66 - 3/26/2012 - Max Interval Circuit (Nick Only)

Nick: "Coming to the end."

Day 67 - 3/29/2012 - Cardio Abs Catchup (Nick Only)

Nick: "It's official! I have completed the Insanity workout program."


Nick: "We did really good for the first month and half of the second month. But a combination of sickness, work, and kids set us back more than we intended. The big one was when we switched our workout time from the evening to the morning. When we did that our one-year-old started getting up at 3:00 - 4:00 AM every morning. We do our workout in our bedroom *before* the kids wake up. Well with the little guy in bed that changed our schedule. So we had to do it in the afteroon or evening.... Anyways, you get the idea. Life happens. The only words of encouragement I can give are these. Even if you miss a few days, don't give up, just get right back on the workout horse and dig deep. This is Nick. Peace out."

What's next? We will either do Brazilian Butt Lift or Insanity again. Also, in the near future we will be doing P90X.


View Sabra's photo progress here.
View Nick's photo progress here



  • Brenda Titus

    February 28, 2012

    You two are doing so awesome! I'm on week 8 of 20 for TurboFire, but I started it because I was reading all of your posts. You guys are my motivation, so thank you so much!! As soon as TurboFire is done I'm starting Insanity and then on to Brazil Butt Lift. My workouts for the year are planned all thanks to you! :-)

  • Sabra Johnson

    March 2, 2012

    Thank you so much!!

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